How to Add a Subscribe Box to Your WordPress Blog

I’ve been SOOOO busy for SOOOO long working on Expert List Building with Alex, my biz partner and good friend, I grabbed the opportunity and great luxury to spend a few precious snippets of time recently to work on developing my other Blog in the Success Mindset and Law of Attraction areas –   

I’ve been searching high and low for the ideal WordPress theme for my new Blog for quite some time now, with Alex’s help also.  We’ll give you a list of sites where you can get yours too, real soon…

I pretty much narrowed down my preference to a 3-column theme set up, with 2 columns to the right, allowing for the key focus to be great Content in the left hand column, with other important stuff, like your sign up box, and other information, in the right hand panels.

These preferences were further refined and reinforced after a great chat I had with Lynn Terry during our Lunch get-together last Tuesday during her short vacation trip to Australia – a fun and long lunch indeed!…

Here’s a pic with Lynn, Rob Anderson from Cagora, and me at last week’s lunch, taken by Photographer/Videographer Paul Young (Ed Dale’s main man on these matters).


I’m still searching for the best, ideal WP theme to suit my purposes.  I may even have to get something customized very soon…

But, for the moment, I’m using Cutline, I feel I have a pretty good WordPress theme happening there…  

As it’s a new Blog, and I was planning to start blogging more actively there, the main thing was to get my subscribe box in there.

So, How Do You Get Your Sign Up Box onto Your Blog?

You can download widgets or a nice Web 2.0 format. 

But, what I decided to do to get something happening quickly and simplify things, was to:

1.  Go to my Autoresponder (GetResponse) and get/copy my subscriber/sign up code.

2.  Go to my web editor which is NVU, and set up a table (210 pixels wide), and inserted my code.  Then I added an appropriate headline and some brief intro copy to interest and entice.  Prettied it up a little by adding a background color, played with font types and sizes, and tweaked anything required.

3.  Then, I went to my Wordress Account.  Via Dashboard > Go to Widgets > Sidebar 1 or 2, wherever you wish to insert your Subscribe Box > Text > Add > and then when the new Text box appears on your right panel > add your Subscribe box html from your web editor > Rembmber to add your title in the header panel > Then click “Done” and make sure you “Save Your Changes” in the panel below.

Voila!  That’s it!  Go and see how it looks visually in your WP theme blog.  You may want to go back and tweak it a little further.

Otherwise you’re set to go…

If you also have some tips, please do share them in the Comments section below this blog post.


Kathy 😉


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  • Does this work with blogs? I can’t seem to get it right. Thanks for any help.

    • Alex and Kathy

      Just gone over to to check!

      You’ll have to see if they have any rules gaginst it- that’another issue but I can’t see any reason otherwise. There’s lots of ways to do this. One simple way is to use a Text widget which you can easily install with one click under the Design tab ( depends on which version of WP you have. Paste your subscription box code there ( get it from your autoresponder company.)

      Must be said tho’ best way forward is to have your blog in a good host account – check out Hostmonster – that’s who we use.

      Have a go and ask again if you need to.


  • So that’ how you do it! I have long wondered how to get a nice looking box on my blog with the opt-in fields. It stands out so much better. I will try out your suggestion.

    Do you think that is better than a fly-in type of sign up?

    • Sandy there’s two ways of answering that question

      (1) You can do a test and see which one gets the most subscriptions
      (2) Just think which you like – do you like fly in or light box subscriptions?

      Try one out and then come back and tell us how it went eh?



  • Good step by step post. I’ve done this now but im looking now on how to customize it like your opt-in box, how would I go about doing that?

    • Are you referring to the opt-in form just on the right Blaine ? That is from MaxBlogPress who do several free resources for bloggers. Check out what they do because nearly all of it is worth using.

      Ask again if I did not answer your question. BTW your own blog is very impressive, is it a thesis theme?