How To Get Your Emails Read

Email - The "at" SymbolEmail marketing is still the powerful way to communicate and sell. Even though your subscribers inbox is more crowded than ever your emails can sell.

The point is – how do you get them opened?

With a whole screen full of emails in front of them – what are you going to write?

Are you going to repeat these Classic Email Blunders?

Bad News

I think it was Frank Kern who first used this subject line. A days later my inbox got flooded with brainless nincompoops copying him. Needless to say I unsubscribed from all of them.

They did not understand what they were doing with their "Bad news" malarkey. Kern had built a relationship with his subscribers and was part way through a product launch that was being massively promoted. HIs use of the subject line carried credibility and meant something. It was not copying out of context.

Final Notice

There have been times in my life when I was getting letters with those words as their main message! Large red words as I recall. I truly do not want to be reminded of those time and I will instantly unsub from any list owner who is dumb enough to try to scare me to open his email.

Open Now, Urgent

Well I'm sure that the turkey that sent this email urgently wants to earn some affiliate commission but that is his urgency not mine.


This of course is called shouting. It is also a capital offense. And being offensive it gets the click from me. hehe!

So what do we write?

First of all I want to take your attention away from the subject line of the email and concentrate on other field. You know the one I mean – it's the "From" field.

You and your name. What you have to do to get your emails opened is not trick or scare your subscribers but be someone who they want to listen to.

Because you're worth it!

If you are a friend they'll open. So be a friend. If you are reliable they'll open – so be reliable. if they get used to you telling the truth they'll listen and open to do so.

This is not difficult. It just needs a change of mindset.

Forget salesman, think teacher or coach. People want coaching and leadership. You just have to prove you can do it.

I'll continue this in the next instalment, coming soon.

List Building 2010 to 2012…And Beyond…

How has listbuilding advanced during the year?

With so many advances in software and systems surely there have been major steps forward? Perhaps but if so they have passed me by! Building a list is a simple process – research the market to find out what they want and then offer it or at least some of it in return for opting in.

Keep generating traffic – that is, people, to your offer and your list will grow.

That's it.

Software may help you make a nicer optin form or produce an annoying pop up but this is basic business and the simpler you keep it the better you will be able to perform. The key to list building is simply doing this process efficiently and persistently.

Each of us has their preferred method of traffic generation and frankly what ever works for you and builds your list is what you should focus on. There is no need to build your list with Adwords because some PPC experts tell you to and there's no need to use Facebook if you detest Social media- just use the traffic methods that suit your skills.

If you want details they are in our Expert List Building course.

But there's plenty of free info here on our blog


All For Now

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